The Beginning of a Social Impact Campaign: Working to Advance Girls’ Potential in STEM

Rare are the times when a group of ladies dead set on cultivating a change making mindset in girls get to actually touch the lives of girls living in marginalized areas of our communities.

On Saturday 20th February 2016, SwahiliBox Ladies had the privilege of leading its 1st event of the year in partnership with Hatua Likoni – Introduction to the Web and Blogging with WordPress – at Likoni’s Youth Empowerment Centre (Hatua Likoni headquarters).

This was a special full-day Bootcamp that aimed at imparting essential Web and Blogging skills in young girls, marking the beginning of our group’s campaign towards promoting creative confidence, nurturing the brilliant minds of our young girls, and motivating them to have the self-confidence to pursue Science, Technology and Engineering fields in life. As SwahiliBox Ladies, we believe in inspiring and empowering girls in particular to realize their full potential and progress onto university, college, and workplace as independent, visionary, confident and innovative individuals with a community development and change making mindset.

This vision can only be realized through the empowering force of education and focus on practical, experimentation and exploration exposure to concepts that are taught both in schools and in other existing academic institutions. We are proud and grateful to have attracted the attendance of the following schools in Likoni:

  1. Likoni Muslim Primary School
  2. Mrima Primary School
  3. Shika Adabu Secondary School
  4. Likoni Primary School
  5. Moi Forces Academy Secondary School
  6. Mtongwe Girls’ Secondary School
  7. Consolata Catholic Primary School

We are equally proud to have empowered the girls with essential web 2.0 (Second generation web) skills. In the end, they were able to work in teams to come up with their own blog sites:



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